Kitten in a Dog Fight

I am a teacher. These are my stories.

The Smack-Down

Usually, my classes consist of 12-15 mildly well-behaved children. There are a few exceptions to this (read: all of my fourth grade classes). But the behavior levels in class are directly related to the number of students in the class.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into a classroom of not 15 but 30 ten-year olds. Occasionally teachers will get sick and their students get shuffled to another teacher (usually whoever is working the same subject for that grade).

I had not prepared for 30 students. I think they could sense it because they were sitting on tables and throwing paper planes and about eight of them were wearing very obvious smirks. I took roll for my half of the class and prayed that nobody from the other half was missing.

Sixty eyeballs split into my forehead and I took a deep breath. Then it all unraveled.

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