‘You’re doing it wrong’ – A birthday letter from myself

MISCDear Mary,

Tomorrow is your birthday so if there was ever an appropriate time for your inner monologue to give some more 3D advice, I guess this is it (-That’s me, by the way. I’m your inner monologue. You may not know me very well because your outer monologue is a bit of a conversation hog).

Anyway, it’s nice to touch base once in a while. The fact that you’re listening to Taylor Swift and writing letters to yourself makes me think you probably haven’t changed much since we last talked. The fact that you’re binge-eating your birthday candy right now reinforces that suspicion.

Listen, I don’t know how long you’re going to stay focused before some 3-minute video clip on facebook breaks your concentration, so I’ll get right to this.

It’s time to grow up a little.

Woah there! Don’t get so worked up! That was not an insult or a threat or whatever. But there is a time to be a child and a time to be a “young person” and there’s time to start assuming some basic adult responsibilities and habits (‘now’ being the latter of those times). This isn’t going to be scary. It’s not going to be “lame.” And hopefully it won’t throw you into a 2-month depression where you only listen to Kenny Loggins’ “Pooh Corner” on repeat like you did when you turned 17. (That would have been a good time for me to write you a letter).

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Ewart Handel

IMG_0502“I don’t want this one,” Jared said, holding the sugary, green gummy worm in his outstretched fingers. “Can we put it back in the bag?”

“No!” We chorused together. I clutched the bag, protecting the unsoiled gummies, and took a step backward out of the train compartment.

“Do you want it?” Jared asked our companion sitting next to him. She shook her head apologetically.

“Just eat it,” Aijalon told him, encouragingly nodding him on.

“I just can’t,” Jared said. “Sorry guys.”

We had reached a stale-mate. So I held out my hand, cupping my fingers slightly, and motioned for the little guy.

“Give him here, Jared. We’ll plant him.”

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